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On an episode of a popular entertainment program that aired on the 9th, Oh Ji Ho was in the middle of a power interview, in which he shared some of his most sincere thoughts on his life, career, and marriage.

In regards to marriage he said, “I told myself that I would get married before I was 35, before I was 38, but I’ve already become 36… I guess I may get married sometime before I’m 40.”

As they continued the interview, strolling through a neighborhood, Oh Ji Ho and the interviewer suddenly spotted married Hallyu power couple Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young randomly strolling by, hand in hand. Kwon Sang Woo who recognized Oh Ji Ho hilariously showcased their close friendship by joking, “Why are you giving that guy time on TV?”, then ran off with his wife, arm-in-arm.

Oh Ji Ho remarked, “I can’t believe they strolled by as we were discussing marriage. I get so envious everytime I see those two.”