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SM Town's I AM
1st Look Magazine features some of the hottest K-pop stars from SM Entertainment.  The magazine covers are part of the promotion of the new film produced by SM Entertainment.  I AM is a documentary film which features a glimpse of the lives of few K-pop stars under SM Entertainment.  The film shows their humble beginnings as trainees up to their recent success. 
K-pop stars featured in the covers of 1st Look Magazine include Krsytal from f(x), Yunho from TVXQ, Leeteuk from Super Junior and Seohyun from Girls’ Generation.  Posters showing these artists were released by SM Entertainment.  Check out the interview of the K-pop stars conducted by 1st Look Magazine:
Seohyun of Girls' Generation
Seohyun’s Interview
The Girls’ Generation member Seohyun shares about her life.  She reveals about her personality on and offstage. She lives with a healthy lifestyle to maintain her image.  Seohyun thinks that being scrutinized by the people gave her a driving force. She’s very thankful for the opportunity to live a life under the limelight.  Seohyun talked about how the training days sculpted her to become a great performer.  Being on a K-pop group may seem very easy but Seohyun proves that because of hard work she is able to sustain her status as a K-pop star. 
She also reveals about being nervous during performances even if she has done it a million times.  She needs to muster her confidence to be able to get over the fear and nervousness.  She also talked about being an actress gives her the liberty to live different life.  
Se7en’s Interview

Se7en shares about his career.  He takes pride in his success as a solo performer and being able to last for 10 years.  He also shared his dreams of owning an entertainment company in the coming years.  He wants to help budding artists to be trained in their craft and gain stardom.  Se7en talked about his future plans with his international career.  He wants to pursue a successful career outside Korea. 
Leeteuk of Super Junior
Leeteuk‘s Interview
Super Junior‘s Leeteuk talked about how he is outside the world of glamour.  He says he is just a normal Korean man who wants to gain success, earn money and find true love. Leeteuk is not your typical guy.  He doesn’t like drinking and partying.  He spends most of his time working. He seems to be enjoying work more that other activities.  This goes to show how dedicated he is with his craft.