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Last month, many korean artists are taking up the Japanese music charts, and just recently, Oricon compiled their full sales list.

Boy group SHINee got the top spot among the korean artist as they got into the 9th spot. With their single, “Replay -You’re My Everything-” (91419 copies sold) and their label mate Super Junior were on the 10th spot with their japanese version of “Bonamana” (67613 copies).

For the 11th and 14th place, there is Supernova and Beast, with their respective singles, “Kuriunnare – Kimi ni Aitakute!” and “Bad Girl”. There is also the korean actor Jang Geun Suk, Girls’ Generation and KARA that made in the charts on the April releases. There is also Jang Geun Suk with his debut single, “Let Me Cry”, sells a total of 16776 copies in nearly 2 months.