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The Hallyu Wave has been spreading across the globe, which has generated much praise as well as criticism. Recently, a writer on CNN Go wrote an editorial titled, â€ŔKorea is killing its own Wave,” detailing his opinion on why the policies and actions adopted by the Korean government to promote Korea’s culture will result in disinterest from foreigners.In the writer’s article, it was stated that artists from Korea have been creating buzz beyond the borders of Korea, and thus music, along with food, dramas, fashion, and movies, have brought about a significant influence within Asia. This has changed Korea’s image from the days of the Korean War to being a new technology hub and a trend leader. This has also attracted an increasing number of tourists to visit the country.The writer goes on to discuss that, because of this; the Korean government has been implementing nationalistic policies in hopes of boosting the Korean culture to another level around the globe. However, he argues that this is actually going to impair the natural spreading of the Hallyu Wave as people are generally not interested in nationalistic campaigns. In particular, there have been many incidents as of late in regards to anti-Korean movements inJapan, which supports the idea that having government involvement in the spreading of the Hallyu Wave is not a good strategy.