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Kollaboration showcases Asian and Pacific Islanders’ talents all over the United Statesand Canada. Since their first show in 2000, Kollaboration has started with Los Angeles and gradually increased their visibility throughout North America through showcases in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Tulsa, Washington D.C., and East Lansing, Michigan. Earlier this month, Kollaboration Seattle 2 contestants released a promotional video covering Katy Perry’s “Firework”; most recently, a video for Kollaboration 11 was released.

Kollaboration 11 will take place on November 5 at the Nokia Theatre LA Live in Los Angeles. Doors will open at 6pm for the 7pm show, which is slated to end at 10pm. The show will be featuring contestants Emanon Dance Crew, Monsters Calling Home, Andrew Figueroa and the Blazing Rays of the Sun, Dawen, Afterschoolspecial, Inch Chua, Noel Kunz. In addition, opening for the contestants will be Ensemble Memo. Special guests for Kollaboration 11 are comedian P.K., singer-songwriter Clara C, and K-pop idol G.NA.

Oxnard-based Emanon Dance Crew was established in March 2006 and has since been composed of high school students from all over Ventura County, California. The group was recently awarded Youth Team of the Year by World of Dance Industries. Monsters Calling Home is a group made up of five musicians from the San Fernando Valley. They concentrate on upbeat, folk sounds, rhythmic fun, and put on fervent performances.

Andrew Figueroa and the Blazing Rays of the Sun are a musical group known for their big harmonies, heavy grooves, and energetic performances. Singer-songwriter Dawen, the grand prize winner of Kollaboration Acoustic 4, has a smooth baritone and sensual falsetto. Fusing soul and R&B with jazz and funk into his debut album “American Me”, Dawen offers a lyrical style appealing on an intellectual as well as an emotional level. In August, he went live on Ustream with other YouTube stars for a jam session webathon to support CPAF, the Center for the Pacific Asian Family.

Based in San Diego, afterschoolspecial is a band known for their eclectic blend of rap, rock, and alternative music. The group’s upcoming album “It’s All In Your Head” is expected to be an inspiration to their listeners. Inch Chua is a Singaporean soloist who recently performed at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. Since departing from popular alternative rock act Allura, Inch Chua has concentrated on introspective acoustic tunes and quirky rhythms.

Yo-yo performer Noel Kunz has appeared on “America’s Got Talent” and the PBS show “The Friday Zone”. With the two-time World Championship Finalist of the World Yoyo Contest title under his belt, he hopes to spread his love of Filipino culture and fond childhood memories of when yo-yos ruled the world with his artistic performances.

Special guest singer-songwriter Clara C recently performed at the 2011 ISA Festival Los Angeles in Long Beach, California. She is currently in the middle of her Shakin Off Silence Tour, with stops in Boston and New York coming up and performances overseas to look forward to as well.

G.NA, who recently wrapped up promotions for her latest song “Top Girl”, is currently focusing on overseas activies. She will be performing in the United States this November 25-26 in Las Vegas for the Billboard Korea K-POP MASTERS concert, as well as performances in Europe, Hong Kong, and Japan.

Tickets are available here for the following presale prices: $45 Premium Orchestra seating, $30 Orchestra, and $15 Loge/Mezzanine.