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Kim Yeo Hee was introduced on CNN and The Sun, as well as acknowledged by stars like Ashton Kutcheronline.

Her popularity skyrocketed, and she’s now even advancing her career overseas. “Last year, I was selected to become an endorsement model for a game company in Taiwan.  I didn’t know at the time, but apparently my name was already known there,” she stated.

She stated, “I’ll be in Japan for a while.  I’ve studied Japanese for a long time now and have been working with other devices like the iPad.  I once performed with it live, which surprised a lot of people.”

Fortunately, she’s joining the market with talents that sets her apart from her idol competitors – she knows how to play instruments.  “YouTube is truly amazing.  A friend in the States told me that he has a lot of friends that know who I am.  Reporters from France came as well as greetings from all over the world on Twitter.  I’m starting to feel what they mean when they say there are no boundaries.”

She continued, “YouTube and other new media services helped me realize my dream when I was a trainee with a bleak future.  It’s like a new world opened up.”

On her new song “Half“, she said, “I wanted to try something more diverse that everyone can listen to.  I’m going to present music that everyone can connect to before I focus on pursuing music that I want.”

She concluded the interview with a message of those hoping to become stars: “There are a lot of instances where people became stars through new media.  Justin Bieber became a star through YouTube.  I think that as long as you have the talent, it’s worth a try to upload something on YouTube because that dream you’re reaching for just might become a reality in front of your eyes.”