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Former g.o.d member Kim Tae Woo who recently revealed news of his engagement couldn’t stop gushing about his fiancee.

On the November 16th episode of a popular entertainment program, Tae Woo remarked, “I worried a lot about what other people would say or think, but I’m so grateful that everyone has been so supportive“.

In regards to his wedding plans he said, “We’re slowly planning the event, one thing at a time“. When asked about his fiancee, he gushed, “I liked her from the moment I saw her; she was beautiful in my eyes. She has a lot of different appeals to her- she looks like the studious type, but she also dances really well and she loves music“.

Fellow g.o.d member Danny Ahn who was also on the show remarked, “I hope the baby has his fiancee’s eyes. If it’s a boy, it’s okay for him to resemble Tae Woo, but if it’s a girl, she needs to look like his fiancee“.

Kim Tae Woo revealed the big news via his official fan cafe on the 15th