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SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong is the last of his group to debut with a solo album.

The star sat down for an interview with Newsen, and shared his thoughts on his solo debut, his group, and his hopes for a huge collaborative stage at the end of the year.

Check out his interview below!


“I didn’t really think about releasing my own album. I thought that if anything, Heo Young Saeng hyung would be the first to release one,” he began. He laughed as he continued, “I didn’t know that the others would come out with theirs so quickly!”

Kyu Jong mused, “Its intimidating because the other members’ albums are doing so well. I want to do well too, but I don’t wish for anything big. I just want people to think I released something decent.”

The star then moved on to express his hopes for SS501. “I’m always going to be waiting for the day that all of us would be able to make another SS501 album. This isn’t the end of us, rather it’s just the beginning.” “We all want to produce another album together, but it’s just too hard given the situation. I think right now is a good time for all of us to focus on doing our own thing.”

Kyu Jong then confessed, “To be honest, when people thought ‘SS501?, they simply thought, ‘Kim Hyun Joong‘. This is something that really upset not only the rest of the members, but Hyun Joong hyung as well. I think if we each take the time right now to improve ourselves, then later we can come back together to be better than we were before. No one will be able to say anything then.”

Kim Kyu Jong also spoke out against the rumors that said the members weren’t as close anymore.

“We’re always the same. It was Kim Hyung Jun‘s birthday not that long ago, and people kept asking me if I was forcing myself to wish him a happy birthday. They think we aren’t close at all, but that’s not the case. I think the closer you are to someone, the less you need to go out of your way to pretend.”

He looked excited as he revealed that there was always something he’s wanted to try. “It might be impossible because we’re all so busy. It’s the first time all of us released an individual album in a single year, so when there’s a large event at the end of the year, I want to combine all the songs we’ve performed thus far together into one long medley. And I want for us to stand on stage together to sing our individual parts.”

Kim Kyu Jong will be promoting his title track “Yesterday” from his debut album, “Turn Me On”.