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Despite their group’s inevitable problems, Kim Junsu continues to shine as one of the leading man in the musical scene of Korea. Winning last year for his Mozart gained him a great impression, and now once again, he claims all the glory of a musical actor.

The interpak revealed that for the first half of 2011, Kim Junsu’s Mozart and Tears of Heaven was ranked as the 1st 3rd place respectively on the top 5 musicals that attracted most foreign visitors.

But what gained most attention is his Tears pf Heaven. It was composed by the world famous musician Frank Wildhorn, and directed by Gabriel Barre, who won numerous awards for “Memphis,” “Sweeny Todd” and others. This musical is also a hot topic even before it started as it has a simple storyline and unconvincing setting, also criticized for having a limited creativity and an imitation of Ms. Saigon.

Also there were some critics who said, “this musical is about a man who is looking for a pure love and  humane “Korean Romance,” and although it has touching and emotional music as well as a creative stage, the weak plot is regrettable.”

As they say, its the power of Kim Junsu. The musical lacked a sense of completion and reality, but still manages to attract most foreign audiences and took the 3rd place. Completely recognizing the effectand popularity of Junsu.

“There have always been audiences from countries like Japan, China and others that have come to watch hallyu stars, but that was before Kim Junsu showed his true power. And now he is the top sell-out guarantee in musicals.”

It was like one of filed list of history that each member of their group was creating. Yoochun being a drama king, and Jaejoong being an outstanding director. Adding up their past awards and unbreakable records as TVXQ and JYJ.