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JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong had finally stepped up as he will be the director for the first gala show of the Fairy of The Rhythmic Gymnastics, Sohn Yeonjae. This coming 11th and 12th of June, in the “LG Whisen Rhythmic All Stars 2011” that will be going to held on the special stage of the Hwajung Gymnasium of Koryo University, almost all of the most renowned experts in the field of musicals and popular music will be going to packed in the venue.

Jaejoong was chosen in directing the selection and the arrangement of music, stage effects, choreography and even the styles of the costumes that they will be going to use. Jaejoong who was already tested by being the executive director for JYJ World Tour 2011, has come to join and be a part of the directing team because he had felt attracted to the characteristic of the rhythmic gymnastics gala show that shows the variety of dynamics in different genres. Jaejoong is also preparing for a watertight organization so that Sohn Yeonjae can show and shine in her first gala show with the players of the international caliber. For this event, not only Sohn Yeonjae are there but also YevgeniyaKanayeva and Daria Kondakova of Russia who had competed for the 1st and 2nd spot in world rhythmic gymnastics. There are also some athletes who had dominated the world rhythmic gymnastic scene will be present.

Some representatives had expressed and commented, “We felt that Kim Jaejoong would be able to maximize the dynamics of a gymnastics gala show, which is why he will be joining the directing team. He is currently preparing many things to make sure that Son Yeon Jae will be able to do her best amidst other world renowned athletes.”

Singer Tei will be also in the event to perform a duet. IB Sports had then expressed, “In order to expand rhythmic gymnastics, we’ve brought in professionals from all different areas. We hope to create a fun and exciting atmosphere that’s akin to an idol concert, which will combine the thrill of sports and the luxury of performances like ballet.”