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“Hello, my name is Kang Min,” rookie actor Kim Hyung Jun greeted upon meeting with StarNew for an interview. The singer turned actor made his small-screen debut with ‘Sunshine Girl‘ which aired its pilot episode on January 7th.

“I feel like I’m still in character where ever I go,” he continued.

Kim Hyung Jun has been busy focusing on acting these days as top star Kang Min in new drama series, ‘Sunshine Girl’. According to the script, Kang Min is a woman-swooning jerk, a large contrast to his put-together appearance. He is arrogant and ruthless, but a character that the viewers keep wanting to see more of.

Kim Hyung Jun debuted in 2005 with his group, SS501 and is making his successful transformation as an actor with his new role.

“I don’t know how many months I spent preparing for this drama,” he said. “I was so confident before the shoot began, but once we actually started, I began drawing blanks. It’s like I’m a rookie all over again. Hi, I’m rookie actor Kim Hyung Jun.”

His new character is definitely different from his own innocent and shy image fans have come to know and love. We asked if he sees even a small part of himself in his new character.

“The real Kim Hyung Jun is as gentle as a pony,” he said. “The character has a personality that’s very different from my own, which makes it a little difficult. I added a little bit of rugged charm to my personality, and luckily I think it worked well.”

Perhaps it’s because it’s his first time acting, but he seemed dissatisfied with the way he performed on set. He could have cut himself some slack, as this is his first time, but it looked as though he set the bar pretty high for himself.

“When I look back on my scene, there are so many areas where it feels so unnatural. I am thinking of how I can improve, especially in areas where I have to deliver emotion or use a lot of gestures. There’s going to be no big change overnight, but I will continue to talk with the staff members and my co-stars to improve in the future,” he said.

The actor feels he is still lacking in a lot of different ways, and insists that he will improve with time, rather than boasting that he seems pretty good for a rookie.

We asked what he wanted to accomplish as an actor. “When people see my dramas or the characters I take on, I want people to recognize that it’s classically Kim Hyung Jun.”