Home » Kim Ha Neul was hit on by a male celebrity!

In a recent interview with the ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘, actress Kim Ha Neul was asked if she had ever been hit on by a male celebrity. The actress laughed upon hearing the question, further raising the curiosity of the viewers.

She answered, “I’ve been in the business 15 years; it’d be strange if I had never been asked out over all this time.” When asked how she felt, she joked, “I thought, ‘they sure have good taste’“.

Kim Ha Neul was further asked what she looks for when she first meets a man, and the actress answered “Everything.”

She continued, “I like men that smile with their eyes, and I like men who are a little taller with broader shoulders so that he can easily embrace me. My skin is a little more on the tan side, so I would like him to have fair skin.”