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As we all know, the trio JYJ, namely the other three members of the boy group TVXQ, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu is currently under a lawsuit with their agency and so this provide them much problems in appearing in different shows. Their fans are not happy about it and so the members but they can’t do anything about this until their dispute is finish. Regarding this, the broadcast company, KBS had released an official statement about their decision on not choosing JYJ to appear within their broadcasts. The said statement was posted on their online production crew message board as a reply to those people who are asking for the reasons on why the trio was not allowed to be seen in the Korean public television.

KBS had explained, “JYJ’s lawsuit has yet to come to an end and KBS is taking note of this lawsuit from an objective standpoint… From a business perspective, allowing a celebrity who is in the midst of a legal dispute onto a broadcast can have an influence on the current situation. Therefore, it is common to refrain their appearances while waiting for the results of their legal dispute. Though it appears that JYJ has submitted a request to nullify their exclusivity contract with their existing agency, they made their own judgment to temporarily participate in activities on a case-by-case basis. However, JYJ has signed with another agency and are currently continuing their album promotions under two contracts. Because of these issues, KBS has decided that currently, JYJ’s broadcast appearances may bring about legal problems and is threat to the culture industry. Until JYJ comes to a settlement or agreement with their agency, we will refrain from their broadcasts as a whole. Casting and guest appearances will be made depending on the outcome.“

Even though the response of some are still violent, there are still others who had just accepted it and prayed that all of this cases will be closed sooner as they are still waiting and hoping for the group to be back again as Dong Bang Shin Ki with 5 members.