Home » KBS Jeju says, “Girls Generation and F(x) are more effective than JYJ”

Regarding to the neverending problems of the JYJ appearances, KBS Jeje stated, “In viewing the program as a whole, Girls Generation and F(x)’s appearances are effective.”

The KBS Jeju official stated that they chose Girls Generation and f(x) to appear on the show rather than JYJ. They revealed, “We were propelling the appearance of Girls Generation and F(x) from before but they fell through due to scheduling problems. But at the end of the preparation stages for the broadcast, they said that they could appear. The duty of our broadcast station from the perspective of culture is to introduce many stars to the region’s society. In viewing the program as a whole, we considered just what is effective.”
They also added,  “To the side of JYJ, we respectfully revealed our apologetic position.” And“The group SpringSummerFallWinter will appear as planned. But in this broadcast, aside from SpringSummerFallWinter, Girls Generation, and F(x), other artists such as popera singers are planned to appear.”

On the other hand, the local government of Jeju stated, “We do not know. What kind of power or abilities would we have to procure a celebrity. It is something that KBS Jeju pursued.” They also expressed,  “Due to this situation, there are posts of protests raining on the bulletin of Jeju’s local government. But this is not something that we have done.”

Prior to this, JYJ’s agency stated, “JYJ had been looking forward to appearing on the 20th on the special broadcast as honorary ambassadors for Jeju as a member of the 7 Wonders. But today we suddenly received the notification of cancellation. We have currently requested the precise reason for the sudden cancellation of appearance to the hosts. We ask for your understanding on our sudden announcement of cancellation to the fans who had been waiting. We will soon make an additional announcement after confirming the situation.”