Home » KARA’s Seungyeon fainted on stage!

Having a busy week due to their comeback performances, KARA’s Seungyeon reported fainted on stage while performing for their pre-recorded performance on SBS’s Inkigayo yesterday.

According to DSP Media, KARA had an early start on their schedules as they started at half past seven in the morning. They started so early that right after recording for their stage, Seungyeon felt dizzy and fainted on the spot. Further investigations revealed that her fainting could have been the combination of her fatigue and poor health conditions.

Han Seungyeon was immediately rushed to the emergency room right after and received treatment to return to the stage for their actual live performance later in the day. The official also added that, “She’s been working hard for the group’s Korean comeback. Her stamina seems to have dropped due to the many rehearsals and schedules lined up. She received an IV treatment from a hospital nearby and returned to the stage because she wanted to meet her fans no matter what.”