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The three members of the girl group KARA and their management company DP Media had an agreement stating, “Existing contract is still intact, domestic activities are still shaky.” As you may all know, it was reported that the said three members and the management company had already come up with a very dramatic agreement. Last 30th of April, the KBS’s Live Entertainment Weekly had reported on their news that the KARA is once again united after the court hearing with their agency had ended on the 28th. From that day, there is a press released that is given for the announcement the girl group will be active once again.

By means of a phone interview with the Entertainment Weekly, a representative of the group had stated, “There was a lot of dialogue and everyone put in lots of effort to come to an agreement: this didn’t occur from a specific turning point. We had many discussions about how the five members of KARA will continue in their activities.” they had also stated and continued, “Currently, they have finished recording their album and photoshoot. Now, they just have to finish filming for their music video in the beginning of May. The time span for their domestic activities is still undecided.”

Then there is also Seungyeon’s father who had commented, “Both sides compromised to come to a solution. The girls have to take care of their image, but they probably had a hard time holding up during the negotiations. I would like them to continue well in their future activities. The group had put aside all of their differences and had come for a good agreement, and this kind of maturity had attract much attention of people.

On the other hand, many fans are rejoicing for the comeback of their idols. They had expressed, “it is so good to hear that they will be back again”, “thank Lord that it is finally over”, “our prayers has been solved”, “hope for another blast coming from the girls from now on”, and “it is so great!! I can’t wait to see them once again”