Home » KARA’s Goo Hara having a visit for her brother at a military base

Yes, you had read it right. Goo Hara of the girl group KARA had paid a visit to her brother inside the military base.

There is a series of photos that are circulation around the net which reveals the close and kind relationship that KARA’s Goo Hara and her older brother has.

The young singer visited her older brother who was currently having his mandatory military service inside the base. Though the photos are not that clear, it was still shown that the siblings are having some checking regarding the living quarters as well as having a tour inside the camp.

But what gains more attention is the particular banner in the camp that read, “We welcome the kind Goo Hara-nim’s visit to the camp.” Netizens had commented, “Goo Hara’s older brother must have a comfortable army life” and “The photographer’s heart is hidden within the shaky pictures.”

Many fans of Goo Hara are very happy to see her once again, even though it is not for a show but at least they have little updated news regarding the doings of their idol.

Last January 19, 2011, it was announced that the singer would be terminating her contract to his managing company which is DSP Entertainment. This was processed alongside the other three members of the group before a lawsuit has been field for them, but later on that day the company announced that Goo Hara will withdraw her involvement with the said lawsuit and she will be united to the company. It was said that apparently the singer is not that fully aware about the terms and conditions of the lawsuit.

Despite the current happenings in KARA, their supporters are still staying strong and hoping for the group to have a come back and will have performances once again.