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On the 11th of June, girl group KARA held their 2nd official Korean fan meeting entitled, ‘Things We Want to Say to You Now‘. It started at 6PM at the Seoul’s Indoor Jamsil Gymnasium and was reportedly filled of crying fans. During the event, each member told their feelings for their fans.

Goo Hara started first by stating, “All the members of KARA have been eagerly looking forward to this day. In the last five months, we have all suffered… The hardest thing for us during that time was wondering if we’d get to see our fans again. We talked amongst ourselves because incidents came up from many misunderstandings and now we understand each others hearts.”

Following her is their youngest member Kang Jiyoung who said,  “Now that the chaos has passed, we can stand in front of our fans as a united KARA. We were all worrying and struggling to do our best before coming forward today. Our fans gave us much affection and encouragement–as if nothing happened between the five of us–even during the times when we couldn’t carry on with our activities. Close entertainment representatives also helped us during that time.” Member Han Seung Yeon then added,  “Over anything else, I believe the love and encouragement from fans has helped us to come together again. I cannot thank you enough and my heart is forever in debt to all of you.”

Member Nicole also shared her feelings as she stated, “Today’s fan meeting is a day to repay our fans who have been looking over us with a caring heart; we want to reciprocate this to our fans. We want to be your fans and for you to return as stars, not only for today but from this moment forward during every moment we meet with our fans.”

And last is their leader Park Gyuri who ended the fan meeting as she stated, “KARA’s true rebirth is today. While we were united even before this, we will show you a more solid KARA from now on… We will show you, our fans, only our bright and happy sides now. We also know that we must work even harder than we have ever worked before. We won’t forget our feelings from today and will work hard. Please watch over us. Thank you and we love you.”