Home » Kangta, Shin Hye Sung and Lee Ji Hoon to reunite as group “S”

tumblr_inline_ndeualJdxt1r118tdAfter 11 years, Kangta, Shin Hye Sung and Lee Ji Hoon will be reuniting for a mini album! From their first album last 2003, the three musicians that has also been friends for a long time will be reuniting as a group called “S” with the title album “Autumn Breeze”. Some of the songs that will be included in the album are entiled, “I Swear”, “Wisdom Tooth”, and “I Was Crazy” with their sentimental ballad voices to complete the perfect trio comeback.

Kangta’s agency SM Entertainment stated that the album will be released on October 27. And they also stated that:

“Kangta wrote and produced all the songs on the upcoming album. Kangta’s unique music style and the trio’s harmonious voices will create beautiful ballads that will satisfy the fans.”(translated by soompi)


With these great news comes another, wherein Girls Generation’s Yuri is confirmed and will be starring as the female lead in their upcoming Music Video! One of the reason for her to star in the Music Video is because of her support for her senior Kangta on SM Entertainment and Shin Hye Sung was also a former SM Entertainment artist.