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Kahi, the leader of the girl group After School had confessed, “Being a leader was so difficult,” and pours down tears from her eyes that caught up much attention to the people who saw the scene. On the 20th of May, tvN’s “50 Million Great Questions” had made After School to attend on their broadcast and told the group’s true personal feelings and stories.

On that broadcast, one of the experts had told Kahi, “Because she was the leader, she must have suffered many hardships.” And upon hearing this, Kahi had broken out onto tears as she reminisced those difficult times that she had experienced as a leader of the group. Kahi then confessed, “Truthfully, I had a very hard time because there were so many burdens that sat on my shoulders. But nowadays, I have put down the burden in my heart and worked hand-in-hand with the members to get through this together,” and additional to al those difficulties, she added, “I waited for our debut time for a long time, and more than anyone else, I suffered from an obsession (to become successful).”

Because of their leader’s story, the other members of After School had also brought out tears as they expressed, “As we help leader Kahi unni, we will become a strong girl group,” and gave off an impression that the members are sharing a very strong relationship.

The broadcast had then received many comments when they had talked about “What would they do if After School becomes the role model for girl groups in 10 years?” and also, the members of the group had revealed their true feelings regarding the rumors of withdrawal of their member, Bekah.

On the other hand, fans who had watched the broadcast had expressed their thoughts by commenting, “me too got teary eyed because of them”, “being a leader is surely a great burden, it is good to know that they are standing for each other,” “you don’t need to worry Kahi unni~ we will be always here for After School” and “it is great to know that they have strong connection with each other”