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K-Pop Star Contestants
K-Pop Star contestants Kim Na Yoon and Baek Ah Yeon are featured on the covers of the ELLE Girl magazine.  The two talented singers embark on a new stint as they pose for the cameras.  The girls were dressed up in summer ensembles featuring pastel colors and bold prints.
The three rookie celebrities were interviewed after the photo shoot.  Kim Na Yoon, Baek Ah Yeon and Park Ji Min shared their experiences when they joined the K-Pop Star contest.  According to Kim Na Yoon, she was ecstatic when she joined the competition.  She was very excited to join other aspiring singers.  She was able to experience many things when she entered the contest. She still showed her support even when she got eliminated from the contest.  She was very happy because she made it to top 10.
K-pop Stars Cover Elle Girl
Baek Ah Yeon was given the nickname of Strong Iron Heart by J.Y. Park.  She felt motivated and confident after the judge gave her the nickname.  She also revealed about what she thinks of Lee Ha Yi and Park Ji Min.  She says, the girls were upbeat and energetic. And because of their enthusiasm, she found it hard to rest after a long day’s activities.
Park Ji Min was hailed as the K-Pop Star winner.  She shares, she was in total shock when they announced her name as the winner, and she thought it was a joke. Park Ji Min dreams of becoming a comedianne but now she has turned into a great singer.
K-pop Stars Cover Elle Girl
K-Pop Star is a reality TV competition where three entertainment agencies hold auditions for potential stars. SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment hold auditions in many countries for the contestants.  The winner will be given the opportunity to choose which entertainment industry to train with. The winner will also receive cash prize, vehicles, modeling and acting contract. The K-Pop Star judges include YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun-suk, JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin-young and SM Entertainment’s talent BoA. These three agencies are the largest record companies in South Korea.
According to some rumors, YG Entertainment will be contestants from the contest.  They will choose five of the former contenders to sign under their agency. The rumor was confirmed when Yang Hyun Suk revealed the plans of YG Entertainment.  He disclosed that they will only make final decisions once Park Ji Min decides which agency she chooses. She has the privilege to choose any of the three companies while the other contestants are free to sign up with any of the agencies.

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