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For the Korean citizens who are turning 20 has been waiting for this day. In their country, the third Monday that will listing on the month of May is called as the Coming of Age Day. This is a holiday for those young men and women who will be turning 20 years old on that year. This celebration signifies the line between the lives of being a minor to the life of being an independent adult. Mostly roses and presents are traditionally given to these people that are celebrating this event coming from their friends and families. For the ladies, those presents that they are giving are mostly perfumes. On the 16th of May, all those who were born in the year of 1991 had celebrated the milestone holiday and so this includes many of your idols.

The list of Korean idols that had celebrated the holiday is quite long if you may say. We list down all of them so you can check them out and know if your idol will be doing this!

2AM – Jinwoon
2NE1 – CL
After School – Nana
A Pink – Cho Rong
B1A4 – CNU, Jinyoung
BEAST – Dongwoon
CNBLUE – Jungshin and Minhyuk
Dae Guk Nam Ah – Hyun Min, Garam
Dalmatian – Daniel
DalShabet – Ji Yool and Ah Young
FCUZ – Kan
FT Island – Jaejin
Girls’ Generation – Seohyun
Infinite – Woohyun, Sungyeol, and Hoya
KARA – Hara and Nicole
miss A – Min
Rainbow – Hyun Young
SHINee -Key and Minho
SISTAR – Hyorin
UKISS – Kevin, Eli, AJ, Hoon, and Kiseop
ZE:A – Hyungsik

If you could check, most of them are coming from the newly debut groups or some of those maknaes (younger member) of the different groups like Seohyun of Girls’ Generation. Next year we will be coming for another list to those that will be celebrating this holiday~ so those who are going to turn 20 next year, wait for our list and check who among the future idols and current idols are going to celebrate next year.

So have we forgotten anyone? Please tell us! And also to all of our readers that will also celebrate this~ congratulations to you!