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JYJ’s Park Yoochun has starred a commercial by himself. Recently, in the DongSeo Food Products homepage, they had published the new commercial that shows Park Yoochun as the leading star. The commercial was for the company’s product which is Ice TiO.

In that commercial that they had released, the young singer had appeared to be a student teacher. It was shown that he was speaking over the phone with his mother talking about his dissatisfaction expressing, “Kids these days are scary. I want to change to another school. Mom graduated from a girl’s school, right?”

But then, Yoochun was found out by another teacher of the school that learned about his feelings and grumblings, the teacher had asked him, “You’re going to quit this school?”  and then he replied, “No. I really like it here.” The sudden change of his feeling had caught attraction and laughter to many people who are watching it.

Netizens who had watched the commercial expressed, “I’m so glad that I can get to watch him on national TV.”, “this reminds me of their drama Dating on Earth!!”, “in the past he is only a student now he can pull through being a student teacher!” and “If there’s such a student teacher in my school, I’d have wanted to go to school.”

On the other hand, “TiO” means “Ti” for the teas and an exclamation of OH! for “O”. It was said to be the name for the people’s expression once they had drank the most delicious ice tea.

It has been awhile since Yoochun has been on the national television, after his drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” had made to the top best drama of 2010, some promotional activities for the said drama and the JYJ’s first time to sing again on stage during the KBS Music Drama Awards 2010, this commercial is the newest appearance of the artist. For the drama, he had received “rookie of the year award”, “netizens award” and “best couple award” with Park Min Young.

It was also recently announced Yoochun will be starred in MBC’s drama, Ripley with Lee Da Hae.