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Recently, idol group JYJ had taken an interview for the Black Day; it was done during their photo shoot for clothing line, NII on the 14th of April, 2010. In the almost 8 minute’s video, there are two kids that joined them, namely Dani and Yoobin. Dani was seated on Junsu’s lap while Yoobin was engulfed on Yoochun’s manly arms like his own baby. At first, Jaejoong should be saying about their interview on white day when Yoochun cut him off saying, “Before that, you should tell them why we’re with these kids” and Junsu had added, “That is right, they are probably really surprise right now”. But Yoochun had said, “We had kids (laughs)” and he added, “Jaejoong finally get married” with Junsu saying, “he had hidden kids”, but they eventually apologized after, saying that they were just joking.

Currently, the main hot topic about this video is JYJ’s Park Yoochun and the child star that he was holding during the video. It had gained different responses coming from the netizens. They are somewhat jealous of the child, who seems to have a very cute interaction with the singer. The young star is Kim Yoobin who was known to play the daughter of Choi Siwon in the SBS drama, “Oh My Lady”.

After watching the full video, netizens had shared their jealousy by commenting, “There is a 99.9% chance that Yoochun will be a DdalBabo,” “I’m so jealous of the child,” and “they look really happy together.” The term “DdalBabo” is an acronym for “Ddalman Bara Boda” that mean a parent who has eyes for his or her daughter. But well that is true, if you could watch the video, you can surely see how attentive Park Yoochun is to the young actress.

On the beginning of the video, Jaejoong had revealed that the two kids are models helping them in order to make a good photo shoot and he had expressed, “At first, we are really against on working them because we thought, in the future, you would all mass-migrate and become Dani and Yoobin’s fans instead of us”

Please Check Out their hilarious video below!!