Home » JYJ’s PArk Yoochun says, “things may reconcile in time”

JYJ‘s Park Yoochun recently opened up about TVXQ recently, and his words are causing quite the buzz among netizens.

Yoochun recently posed for Star style magazine High Cut and during his interview, he opened up about the conflicts between JYJ (Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong) and TVXQ (Yunho, Changmin). It is quite rare for any of the singers to talk about the discord between the five, but in regards to their unresolved conflicts he said, “There was a lot to think about and a lot we needed to compromise, but now the issue has become so huge that it cannot be resolved even if someone steps in to be the bigger person… but no matter what happens, I think it could possibly be reconciled over time.”

Yoochun surprised his fans by transforming into an edgy and chic image for his ‘High Cut’ photo shoot. Fans can check out the rest of his pictorials in the 64th edition of High Cut Magazine.