Home » JYJ’s Junsu sprawled on his big sofa + reaction of fans

Male Group Trio, JYJ’s Kim Junsu had shared his relaxed everyday form inside his own house. Yesterday, on the afternoon, Kim Junsu had garnered much attention from his fans with his picture accompanying a tweet, “lazy afternoon…  getting prepared to go out and KyeongJong who was lying down *chakak* (Sound of photo taking)! I’m famished. we need to go and get some food.”

In the photo, it was shown that Kim Junsu was lying on his very large black leather, stretching his legs comfortably while looking in the camera. Junsu is just simply wearing a plaid pants and slippers giving somewhat a homey aura. Furthermore, his position lying down looks as if he is sluggish and about to fall asleep.

Netizens who had saw the photo had reacted, “that position looks really comfortable,” “you sneakily revealed your house,” and “why does he look so good in slippers?”

But not only is that, for the fact that the photo is somewhat a snap shot, then Kim Junsu really good when it comes to pictures. On the other hand, there are some anti fans who had commented, “they had filed a lawsuit because of money but then look at him, he has all the luxury” and “I thought they don’t have money but when you look at him on that way he seems a boss with a plenty of pennies”. His fans had answered, “Dude… JYJ was a part of Dong Bang Shin Ki and at the same time THE GREATEST Boyband in Asia, before the lawsuit happened… And please don’t forget about their concerts, album, drama, CF, and other activities after the lawsuit… Do you seriously expect them to live in a studio apartment or live together in one place? Get real…” and “Kim Junsu hasn’t only gain money because of their activities as JYJ and DBSK, don’t forget that he have his solo career as a musical actor which gains him a lot more money compared to others, so stop bashing him, he didn’t even do some things to all of you. Please try to be considerate with all the matters”