Home » JYJ’s Junsu is the “Most Vocally Talented Idol Star”

TV Daily had recently shown that JYJ’s member Kim Junsu had talked about his feelings when he had known that he was chosen to be the most vocally talented idol star.
On the 25th of April, 2010, the cable channel ENT’s Entertainment Station – The Interview had aired the talk that they had held on the JYJ’s cosmetic brand photo shoot. During the said talk, member Park Yoochun had complimented Kim Junsu as he had revealed, “I read an article that Junsu was chosen as the most vocally talented idol singer,” and then he added, “Though he is a fellow member and friend, I always thought results like this were expected and obvious because I have been hearing his voice for so long. He’s truly amazing.“

Junsu then on the other hand had carefully chose his words as he was shy about the results and he had stated, “I think a lot of polls like this have been going on, but it just happened to be that there were more magnified articles written about this particular poll.”
For the other members additional side comments, they had stated, “So you’re asking why it took so long for you to be placed in the number one spot?” and Junsu seems so cute like he was suddenly caught off guard so he then said, “No. I’m so thankful. It made me happier when I learned that the people taking the survey were vocal trainers. I’ll work harder to be better.”

Just like what Yoochun had said, even their fans are not that much surprise with the results as they had stated, “Junsu is truly a great singer”, “he has a very angelic voice~”, “I wonder why he is till practicing when he has already a good voice?”, “that is expected right?” and “it is so obvious”

On the other hand, JYJ is currently in the middle of their World Tour and this will finish off on the 7th of May as they will perform in Beijing, China. The trio will then move to have their US tour in different cities of the said country.