Home » JYJ’s Junsu is “Dolphin” and Yoochun is “Seaweed Monster”

Nowadays, fans are using different nicknames for their idols. Actually their created nicknames are more often used by them rather than the real name of their idols. It is sometimes a joke that eventually clicked on most of them and sometimes this are just the things that they often notice to them. Prior to this, two members of the trio JYJ also have their popular nicknames where in Kim Junsu is a dolphin and Park Yoochun is a seaweed monster.

JYJ’s Kim Junsu (25) is frequently called by his nickname “dolphin” among their fans. It is because of his singing ability that likely similar to the voice dolphin where they are producing a high sound waved pitched that are enough even for the human ear that cannot hear. It is a nickname that he got because of the range of his vocals where he can even handles high notes effortlessly. But not only has that, as we all known, Junsu can even imitate the voice of the dolphins since this nickname is quite known for him. There are also some other nicknames for him such as, “angel Xiah” and “duckbutt”. Angel xiah because of his usual angel-like poses and duckbutt because he actually has a big butt.

Another member, Park Yoochun (25) was then reached some complaints because of his long shaggy hair that he had accustomed last year, during their “the beginning” promotions. His wavy and long hairstyle had given his fans some ideas to call him “seaweed monster”. When he had later came back with a neater and shorter hair, it was like a buzz coming from a bee when the news had spread widely and his fans had joined a long live parties. But aside from that, the artist is also known because of his “chunface”, it is not actually nickname, but it is a name for his very weird and unusual expressions that only him can do. “Chun” is his real nickname because of his name “Yoochun” and the “face” indicates the expression that he makes. “Chunface” is very much popular than the seaweed monster itself.