Home » JYJ’s Jaejoong was invited to pay a visit for the King of Thailand

Last March 23, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong had visited the Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok, where he done some prayers for the good health of the King of Thailand, which is Bhumibol Adulyadej.

His visit to the King is unexpected, as the young singer had noticed a yellow bracelet that on of his fans were wearing while he was staying in Thailand. It was only the time that he learned about the king’s condition. Apparently, the King of Thailand is lying in a sickbed and those yellow bracelets symbolized the unity of all people as well as the recovery of the king’s health.

After the acknowledgement of his visit, many reporters asked the now director for any details about their concert last April 3rd. He then commented, “I wanted to repay the love our fans had given us by paying our respects to someone they love and respect as well. Although I wasn’t able to meet him in person, I hope that he recovers his health as soon as possible.”

His sincerity was shown in the whole Thailand, and Jaejoong was praised for his actions. It was commented by most people that he is a cultural representative and not just a normal visiting singer.

One of the Thai tourism representatives said that the visit of Kim Jaejoong is acknowledged as a state guest visit. Not all people can visit the king, even one wants to pay a time for him, there will be a need of permission coming from the Royal Family before it happens, and Jaejoong was affectionately welcomed.

After the acceptance of the invitation, Jaejoong had realized that he doesn’t bring any proper suit since his reason in going to Thailand is a concert. Once the royal family had learned his problem, they eventually clear out one floor of a whole shopping mall just for Jaejoong to shop. And on April 2nd, the royal family had bought tickets and attended the JYJ’s World Tour Concert to express their undying gratitude to the singer.

Jaejoong also stated “I did what I had to do.” and make all his fans beamed in happiness.