Home » JYJ’s Jaejoong shared reason why he doesn’t sing TVXQ songs, and talks about Wasurenaide

After some drama, JYJ’s Jaejoong sat down for an interview with Newsen, where he expressed his thoughts about the current issues and controversies that they are experiencing. Jaejoong started, “I feel that I have an image that’s specific to me, something that’s not normal for an idol. I consider myself a celebrity that people either like or dislike, two sides of the extreme. I hated changing who I was, and I was scared that people who liked me would hate me. For example, I have foreign fans who cosplay. To them, that’s a source of joy and a fun hobby, but the minute I change, all of that could be broken.”

And he continued, “I was scared to change, but I realized that even if I did it slowly, those who liked me would continue to like me, and I’m grateful for that.”

Regarding about the issue if wasurenaide where Ray Cho stated, “I know that there are a lot of memories associated with this song, and I, too, am a fan of Kim Jaejoong’s talent and works. I will reflect on my actions and resolve all matters with Kim Jaejoong,” and Jaejoong answered, “‘Wasurenaide’ is not my song or anyone else’s. It’s a song that belongs to the five members of TVXQ. That’s why I don’t want to sing it by myself, or with the three members of JYJ.”

Within this interview, he expressed, “It’s something that occurs often in China, so I didn’t think of taking any particular action against it. I still hope that he won’t sing it, though. Whether or not it’s a song that I composed, it’s a song that belongs to the five members of TVXQ. Even I alone or with the three members of JYJ wouldn’t have dared to sing it.”

He added,“I feel like it’s causing a wound to those memories that liked and still like TVXQ. The scent of that song conjures what fans believe to be the most beautiful time of TVXQ, and so to sing that song without permission is only wounding the fans.”

When he was asked if he had no intention singing TVXQ’s songs in the near future, he nodded his head and answered, “If it’s possible to avoid it, yes…”

The reporter then mentioned that Jaejoong was direct in expressing himself, which may cause a lot of misinterpretations, but it seems that the singer didn’t care about it as he explained, “I say what I need to say. I know that it may garner a negative response, but I don’t think it’s wrong. I’m not writing a personal opinion, but a feeling that I think is felt by others, by everyone…”

Regarding his first korean drama, he said, “I never had any greed for the leading role. I think it’s more important to consider how to breathe life into my character. For now, I want to be acknowledged for giving life to my supporting role. I really don’t have any intentions of getting greedy for a leading role.”