Home » JYJ’s Jaejoong says, “My Home”

One of the biggest star of South Korea, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong recently signed a contract with a new apartment in an area that is still currently undergoing establishment. One of the officials of the group stated on the 7th of July through a telephone interview with the Star News that, “With the profits Jaejoong has made with their JYJ World Tour, it has come to the event that Jaejoong has signed a contract with a new apartment complex. As it is the first time he is to have a home under his own name and to be able to call it “my home”, Jaejoong is extremely pleased. Also, the complex that Jaejoong signed a contract with is also where Jaejoong’s fellow member, Junsu, is currently living in. It has easy access due to the subway station which is close by, the view is also nice, so it seems that Jaejoong is quite satisfied.”

Also, according to them, Jaejoong is expected to move in next month as the interior of the house is still under some fixing. The said new house is on the top floor with terrace and is 297.5 square meters. And shock if you may say, it costs 3 billion won.

On the other hand, their other member Park Yoochun is known to be living in a luxury villa in the Hannam-dong Yongsan-gu.