Home » JYJ’s Jaejoong says, “Fans mean more than just family to us”

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong was able to hold their group’s grand finale concert in Busan with the supportof his family and of course their fans. On the 11th of June at 8pm and on the 12th at 7pm, the trio attracted 20,000 fans in the Sajik Indoor Gymnasium for their JYJ World Tour Concert in Busan.

On those days, the singer-producer-director thanked their fans for having a fan event in which the fans had swtiched the color of their fanlights from red to yellow when the trio sang their song Fallen Leaves. When one fan had said, “We are a Family”, Jaejoong replied by saying “Fans mean more than just family to us.”, garnering much emotion and cries from their fans.

On the 11th, Jaejoong’s parents were there at the concert venue, giving him a lot of support as he gave a more passionate performance. His parents were on the left side of the stage, hidden from the view, as they clapped and danced without the eyes of the fans. For almost two hours concert, their fans joined everyone as they laughed, cried, ran and danced around the stage.

The trio put a full stop with their Busan concerts. Also, there are several places who are requesting encore performances that is why the trio are planning to have more shows. This concert had lit the fire under the region’s economy as they shake the tourism industry of the place and so take a lot of love calls from various cities that are asking to also hold the JYJ Concert, the true power of the Gods as you may say.

Additional to that, there is an over 1,000 Japanese fans that were able to be there in the concert that was found from a single travel agency. The busan daily and kookje daily had also reported that the best hotels of the region were all fully booked because of the fans that are flocking in the place just to watch the said concert.