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Yesterday, it was reported that JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong had gone to Taiwan in an earlier flight to have the preparations for their concert, but it seems that he made a fashion show in airport once again. After the fans had thought of his arrival to Taiwan, Jaejoong had started to check out his twitter profile and posted some things. He started with his picture wearing a pink jacket while stating, “I wear the pink hoodie I got as a gift and put myself together”

After that, the most amazing part of him had been born. He changed his current display picture to a picture of himself wearing the earlier pink jacket in another pose but the things is, the pictures go in the sideways. Many had eventually laughed off by his image and some complaints how they can even see the picture unless they will bend their leg sideways just like the picture. Jaejoong had then revealed, “Sorry, the truth is I don’t know how to correct it…hah” so the truth is he really doesn’t know how to rotate a picture. And that gains more attention to his fans saying how cute he is. He then followed three comments stating, “Since I put my picture sideways..It has the effect of making you look at it with more concentration,,’ a life’s discovery!”, “Ah I thought of one more thing! Lay the screen down and I will look like I’m looking at a different direction!” and “Don’t turn your head rather take your monitor and have the sense to turn it” It seems that Kim Jaejoong had some great humor in there.

But his amazing story did not end with that. One of his fans had uploaded a picture of her monitor lying down while her cat was facing the picture of Jaejoong. It seems that the picture had gained a lot of interest to the artist so he retweeted it and followed up another tweet saying, “It’s my first time to RT.. cos it’s so cute”

After that the singer had talked to his other friends especially to Shirota Yuu, who he had persuade to also reverse his display image and stated, “It is quite amusing”