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JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong had just finished an interview when he went to another one, meeting Hankooki, he looked bright and as usual gorgeous as he had drunk a few glasses of wine.

Arriving at the pub, Jaejoong had shown his six phones and explained that all of it is for business use. He also revealed that one time he deleted over 1,000 contacts, expressing, “As I kept plowing through my troubles with my own strength, I realized that I had become distant with a few people. I didn’t keep in contact out of my gloom, which is why I think I have a smaller number of people around me for support now… But with that being said, I still have my members and fans.”

The biography of his personal Twitter says “JYJ from ???? always keep the faith”, and on the interview day, Jaejoong had tweeted ‘JYJ. ‘. Jaejoong explained, “The fact that TVXQ was my first is definite, and that will never change. There’s no other reason behind it. It’s the same as for my ‘JYJ.’; when I woke up in the morning; I felt that my whole life was about ‘JYJ’, which is why I changed it. The period or full stop? Well, that really has no meaning behind it… haha.”

He had also given a few things about him like how many times he had dated and some things about his family, but he said that he wants the interview to be more focused on music.

“I learned a lot after being given the role of executive director for a stage performance in Thailand. When I was given that role, I had a lot of worries. If it goes well, it’s thanks to the staff, if it turns out bad, it would’ve been my fault. I wanted to take full responsibility for everything. Before the concert began, I went early to carefully check everything from the arrangement to the stage timings. It was a relief that it finished well, but to be honest, it was thanks to the huge help of Junsu and Yoochun, haha.” He added, “Since I am a singer, there are a lot of times when I think, ‘Ah, I wonder what it’d be like if we had something like this’. If I get to become the director more frequently, don’t you reckon I’ll soon be able to create an even more complete stage? The fans would’ve felt it too, but I think our music have changed very slightly. We never used to have a song like ‘Fallen Leaves’ before. It’s true that we were hesitant on whether we could pull off a song without a beat. We’re thinking of learning more about harmonics in order to keep pursuing change. After producing songs by ourselves, we felt the need to learn more about musical theory as our background.”

The singer hoped that one day, when their controversy with his former agency had died down, he wants to be in TV shows and activities just like the other members. And when he was asked if he was lonely, “Where and how can I meet with my fans? To be honest, most of my worries are based on just that. I believe that it’ll turn out ok. I’m planning to sing for the rest of my life, so it’s not like I can get tired of it, haha.” He is such a good young man to experience many thoughts.