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As we all know, one of the major Korean TV stations, KBS, has released an official statement regarding their reasons on why JYJ are banned to all of their broadcasts. Also with this, JYJ’s current agency, CJES Entertainment had also released their response statement for this and expressed their disappointment to the station. Additional to that, the international fans coming all over the world such as from Philippines, Germany, Malaysia, Turkey, Finland, United Kingdom, and more had issued a petition against KBS because of their inexcusable statement.

In the petition, it says, “We – as international consumers of the Korean Wave, supporters of JYJ, and citizens of the world that value justice and the rule of law – hereby condemn the Korean Broadcasting System (hereafter, ‘KBS’) on 18 May, 2011 regarding its reasons to prohibit JYJ from appearing on ‘Music Bank’ and other such entertainment programs.” and “Ultimately, any attempt by KBS to use the exclusive contract and the lawsuit between JYJ and SM Entertainment as a justification for prohibiting JYJ’s media appearances run contrary to the explicit mandate of the Court and is a mischaracterization.”

On the next day, the statement that was released by KBS was pulled out and they had stated their action, saying that it was just a system error. For an ending note, they had stated that when the trio releases another album, the producers of their music program “Music Bank” will decide whether to invite JYJ or not. The fans had stated that they will be looking forward to that statement as they will be hoping that they will not get down this promise.

On the other hand, JYJ was currently taking their US Tour in the North America. The specific dates and locations are Vancouver on May 20th which is the first stop and already ended successfully, Newark on May 22nd, Los Angeles on May 27th, and San Jose on June 3rd that will serve as their last destination.

As for the fans expressed that they only want the trio to be able to show once again in the Korean public television as they all have the rights to do so.