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As what many people had expected, the ticket war was really happened. The boy group trio JYJ is expected to return in Korea after their US leg Tour of the group’s World Tour Concert. They will be going to end their World Tor for its last two shows in Busan. Ever since it was decided that it will be going to be held in Busan, many had expected that there will be having a ticket war since even their japanese fans are going to compete to have it as the trio does not have any stop show for Japan. This Busan concert are going to be held on the 11th and 12th of June respectively at the Busan Sajik Indoors Gymnanisum with the title, “2011 JYJ World Tour in Busan.”
The online website named Interpark is the one who issued the tickets for the Busan concert and it get available in the public on 27th of May at exactly 8AM KST, but as expected just after a few minutes, all the 16,000 available seats of the whole concert venue were gone in a flash. There are still many other fans who does not get the chance to grab the ticket for the event even so the trio’s agency C-JES, had kep on changing the ticket reservation just to accomodate all of them which is 100% impossible. Fans who does not get a ticket are dispappointed and sad as they had stated, “How could the concert be sold out when the window wouldn’t even load, ” The window should have at least loaded, geez,” “This makes me wonder if the Japanese really did buy seats in bulk ahead of everyone else and sold them at premium prices,” and “The Sajik Gymnasium is so close to my house so I could have gone , But I can’t because I couldn’t get tickets .”
On the other hand C-JES may come up with another plan to do not let the other fans disappointed and sad like that so just stay tuned guys for further announcement about the group’s activities!!