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Through out history it has been known that boy pop bands have always topped the charts in a really huge way. This is no different for Korea, and what better example than the K-pop boy group JYJ. JYJ is a well respected three member boy band formed by three members from the group TVXQ/BBSK: Junsu, Jejung, and Yuchun. The group was formed after the long hiatus of the group TVXQ, in which the three filed a lawsuit against the South Korean record label SM entertainment what was the reasoning for this lawsuit? It is said they were unsatisfied with the 13 year contract and unfair wages. The district court ruled in the three men’s favor.

The band was announced April 2010 by the Rhythm zone. In the beginning they played a four date Thanksgiving concert series in June, and performed at the A-nation in August. The debut album “the Beginning” was released September 2010, which hit number one on Oricon album charts. In just its first week the album sold over 140,000 copies, they also made a DVD for their Thanksgiving concerts which sold over 116,000 and both rose to number one on the charts.

During this time of success the bands members was also said to be involved with different side projects, one example of this is Junsu’s debut solo album Xiah. This reached number two on the Oricon singles charts. Despite all their success in September 2010 Avex entertainment suspended the bands Japanese actives which rose allot of questions from critics. The reasoning behind all of this was said to be because of the president of their management C-Jes was said to be on trial due to connections with Organized crime. But this was just a small setback for the famed band, seeing how shortly after that they started touring in the United States a big win for the Korean based band.

In October 12th they released there first English language album the Beginning, the album brought them to fame because of their single Ayyy girl which was produced by none other than Kanye West. In no time they band started touring not only in their usual spots, but also in the US. 400,000 copies were said to be sold.