Home » JYJ unveils teaser pictures for “3hree Voices”

Yesterday morning, April 7th, popular trio JYJ had revealed the teaser photos of their upcoming documentary movie entitled as “3hree Voices”. The title match them very well, just by those fans are very eager to know what will be this movie. Last year, they had also released a movie “3hree Voices” that features their individual vacations from different part of the world.

The pictures are shot and done during their vacation; it shows the different personality of the trio as well as their laughs and cute moments while sharing a white blanket, one sipping s cup of coffee and just enjoying each day of their activities like listening to music and just spending time with each other.

The pictures also showed the closeness of the three to each other, with their care free smiles, alluring laughs and cute shots. Many had also said that despite the fact that the boys are already in their mid-twenties; their never-ending popularity had never failed the current Korean music industry. Surely this trio is very successful now with all of their individual and group achievements.

Most of their fans had already commented, “I want to see the DVD,” “Jaejoong is so cute”, “I can’t wait to have those in my collection”, “look at them! I miss their smiles”,  “they were like some angels coming from the heaven” and “Every day is like a photoshoot for them!” Many fans are already anticipating this upcoming documentary movie. The official movie teaser for this documentary is scheduled to be shown on April 13th, and there will be 30 lucky fans who will be invited by means of lottery to attend the trio’s upcoming press preview. Stay tuned for that time!

Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun had recently finished their “JYJ World Tour Concert” that happened in Thailand. The event was a blast for them to even encourage the royal family of the said country to join them. Member Kim Jaejoong had also debuted as a director on the same event.  Recently they had already confirmed their US tour this coming May so American fans be ready!!