Home » JYJ to advance in Germany; speculation!

With the great success of SM Town in Paris, and an announcement of SM Town concert tour in South America, it has been a hot stuff for everyone as companies started to set their artists in making to debut in the European and South American continents. Cube Entertainment even made an announcement that they are planning to have a United Cube Concert in Europe this November.

Also, trio JYJ has already make an advancement in the South American countries last year, with the release of their english album, “The Beginning”, after that, it was also revealed that their company is planning to open the European countries with JYJ, but sad to say, SM Entertainment beat them for that.

Now that, international fans are increasing and making full flashmobs just to be known, it has been greatly rumoured that the next stop of the korean artists will be Germany. The South Korean embassy in Germany already revealed that they are talking with JYJ, and other artists.