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Starting from the trio’s concert in Bangkok, Thailand, JYJ’s world tour entitled, “JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011” has been in a successful progress. All of their performances are attracting hot popularity everywhere they go. Even though a concert has only normal seats for more than 10,000 people, there are many fans that are still anxious because they couldn’t obtain the tickets.

Currently, in reserving tickets, the official homepage for the group is being operated through the social networking site, FaceBook.  However, with their foreign fans that were unsuccessful in finding tickets, they are flooding questions about ticketing possibilities; the agency is now facing a difficult situation. JYJ’s representative had revealed, “Foreign fans are asking questions about tickets not only through facebook, but by directly calling the agency. We’re very sorry that we couldn’t have all fans at the concert.”

There have been a recorded number of a total of 60,000 people who have seen the group’s performances in concerts for just in Asia alone. It is also estimated that with the North American concerts altogether, the number of their fans who have seen the concert will be exceeding the 100,000 people mark.

Kim Jaejoong, who is now working as the overall director for their group’s World Tour Concert, had left first on the 19th of April for their Taiwan concert, and other members Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu had followed suit on the 20th. Director Kim left first since he is the one who is in charge of directing their stage. JYJ had revealed their determination by stating “because it’s been a while since we’ve met fans in Asia, we tried our best in preparing for it. We will finish off [the Asia portion of the tour] at Beijing, China on May 7th and we are also trying our best for the North American performances.” Kim Jaejoong has recently announced that he had picked “Creative Challenge” as the main theme for this tour and he is preparing a surprise event for them to repay their foreign fan’s support to them. Surely, everyone is already expecting this after all they are still part of the Korea’s top boy band, TVXQ.