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As many had been wondering on how his house looks like, even though he have no idea about this, JYJ member Kim Junsu had then revealed some parts of his house by posting on his twitter account and this eventually creates an undeniably hug buzz to his fans.

On the 9th of May, Kim Junsu had once again updated his twitter profile by stating, “It’s a day late for Parent’s day, but I have come to see my parents,” and he then eventually visited his parent’s home. This is the start on how he sub-consciously revealed his house.

The images that he had posted had showed the lotus pond where their carps were kept and it shows him feeding those fishes, there is also the courtyard where he played with his dear “Xiahki” and the calming view of Rhododendrons in full bloom within the veranda of his house.  He had also stated from one of his tweet that it is raining during that time but sadly you can’t see the droplets of rain in the picture. But from all of those pictures, what taken the most interest amongst his fans is the bar inside his house. He had uploaded a picture of himself in the bar and stated, “The most secret location in the main house our small underground bar! As you can see, we have tons of alcohol of different varieties, but no one in our family drinks a single drop lol Not a single bottle has been opened, and they look exactly as they did a year ago.. Yoochun, Jaejoong, you said you’d come over for some!!!”

After the netizens had saw his uploaded photos, they had commented, “Is this a house, or the botanical gardens?” “Junsu is a prince and his house is a palace,” “Did he spend all his money on renovations,” and they had expressed a lot more of comments concerning their curiosity of the other parts of the house. Mother of Junsu had also tweeted using her account a picture of Junsu in their dining table with a lot of mouthwatering foods lying for him.