Home » JYJ Kim Junsu Covers “That Man” From Secret Garden OST

Many artists are kept on making their own cover for some songs of other artists, but recently what caught almost all people’s attention is when there is suddenly a released of JYJ Kim Junsu’s version for “That Man”.

On the 14th of May, the song had furiously circulated around the internet and much to people’s amazement; he sang it with just an accompaniment of video karaoke machine. His voice had really stand out and showed out his singing ability. He once again shows the whole Korea on why he is the chosen best singing idol of the country.

He revived the song with much powerful and intoxicating voice as he hits all the necessary notes of it. Kim Junsu is truly a great talent. It is even revealed that he sang it despite having colds and this gain much interest to the people to hear him out. It was also stated that he sang this song in his parent’s house when he visited them.

A representative of the trio, JYJ, had revealed, “In celebration of parent’s day, Junsu visited his parent’s home in Paju and sang this song at the bar in the basement. He hasn’t seen ‘Secret Garden’ but he always liked the songs and often hummed along.” If you were asking on how people had gotten the copy of the song, it is still unknown.

Netizens who had already heard the song showed their feelings by stating, “He wasn’t being chosen as first for best singing ability as nothing.”, “He touches a person’s heart”, “wow..I will surely remember him once I saw secret garden from now on” and “he is so good..I wonder how he got this voice”

On the other hand, yesterday, Junsu and Jaejoong had already set off with their flight in going to Los Angeles. It was also recently reported that Kim Junsu was nominated for the musical awarding ceremony and even so, he does not have any clue about this stating, “I didn’t even know that I was a nominee. I was so surprised today when I heard that I was nominated for the award,” and “Even just being a nominee amazes me.”

Check out his version below!!