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Yesterday, 14th of April, JYJ had shared some of their very hilarious shot where in they are going around like crazy. Through the member, Kim Jaejoong’s twitter, he had uploaded the picture and wrote, “We’re just too close to each other, it’s a problem!”. The photo shows Jaejoong giving the viewers a peek at the fake fight that Junsu and Yoochun has been portraying. In another tweet, Jaejoong had twitted his own photo, smiling widely – teeth showing with Yoochun at the back making a cute pose with his two hands besides his cheeks and mouth open like indicating a “surprise” action. Jaejoong had written, “So happy!” with the said picture.

Many fans had commented, “You guys are just too close, huh“, “Puhahaha, so funny”, “It’s lovely seeing you guys like this”, “Please don’t fight keke”, “OMG!! The chunface!!!” and “Yoochun in the back… I didn’t think that was Park Yoochun!”

Prior to that, Jaejoong had also written a very mysterious quote, “I think that the sky and the ground are close to each other. That’s why no matter where I am, inside my heart, all people are under the same sky and above the same ground, and so, I don’t think that we’re far apart. And I don’t feel lonely. For the first time, weirdly, I’m unable to take control of the sunset and like watching my shadow that’s drifting away from me, I’m lonely.” And added for another tweet, “ I just want to say that the world doesn’t work this way.” He had also tweeted another one saying, “But, because there’s a sunray that sings, I say “It’s alright. It’s alright.”, meditate it over a few times to myself. Even if I can’t see, I can hear it. And I can feel it too. We feel each other and we’re in love with each other.” There are some speculations that it is a new lyrics that Jaejoong had been composing, it is somewhat a bittersweet quotations that hold a deep meaning that only the artists who wrote it will be the only one that can explain it truthfully.