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On September 5th, representatives revealed, “JYJ will be heading over to Spain in October and Germany in November for their first 

solo concerts.”

To start, JYJ will be performing at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, Spain on October 29th. The venue has seen performances from 

the likes of Ricky Martin and Deep Purple, so fans are looking forward to another great performance on that stage.

JYJ will also be making their way to Germany and are currently in the midst of finalizing their contract with the Tempodrom, a 

stadium previously used by Paul Robert Potts, the winner of ‘Britain’s Got Talent‘. That concert is currently scheduled for November 


Representatives stated, “After the release of their worldwide album, they’ve received love calls from all over the world, especially 

Europe. This time, we’ve focused on cities centered around Spain and Germany specifically to allow fans to see JYJ.”

The concert sponsor for Spain stated, “JYJ is receiving a lot of attention amongst European fans for their outstanding artistic traits. 

Not only that, their album was also released in English through Warner Music, a label familiar to European fans.”

The members of JYJ expressed, “We’re moved that we’re able to prepare concerts for fans that we haven’t met yet. With global 

anticipation on the rise for Hallyu, we’re going to put forth the best of our performances.”