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It was reported that beside singing the OST, “You’re So Beautiful,” for the drama, “Scent of a Woman,”JYJ’s Kim Junsu would also be having an appearance in the 5th episode of the drama, as himself.
The said episode was later on aired on 6th of August, with the singer portraying a very popular singer, “Junsu”, whome Kim Sunah admires. The people who watch the episode were shocked, and commented, “I thought he was just good at singing, but I was surprised that he can act well too.”

In the episode, Junsu is having a fanmeeting. There is a five hundred lucky fans that were chosen for the scene and concert stage was set up to film the scene of Kim Sunah, Lee Dongwook, and Um Kijun come to see Kim Junsu’s concert.

To have the five hundred participants, the production team made a website and opened it at 9AM. Knowing that it is Kim Junsu, who wouldn’t be shocked to see that there are over 5,000 fans who have already signed up just for the span of three minutes. The fans prepared themselves by bringing lightsticks and banners, so no props were needed. Junsu sang his solo, solo, “I Can Soar,” from JYJ’s album, “The Beginning,” and his Japanese single, “Intoxication”.

Also, in the first scene, Junsu was seen speaking fluently in Japanese. The production team said, “Although it was the first try at acting for Kim Junsu, he was the most appropriate person to play ‘top star Junsu’”. They added, “With his fantastic stage manners and passion, he was truely the best singer in Asia. The actors and staff all had a great time, like enjoying a concert.”