Home » Jung Il Woo poses for Ceci Magazine!

Actor Jung Il Woo posed for Ceci magazine with his pet dog, ‘Ahwoo‘ (which translates to younger brother or sister). The Shar Pei was a gift given to him by his fans at a fan meet last year. He named it ‘Ahwoo’ and told his fans that he would make sure he would take care of it like he would his own blood brother. This photo shoot is a heart-warming one for all of Jung Il Woo and Ahwoo’s fans..

“He is the best gift I’ve ever received“, Jung Il Woo stated. “I want to treat him well. You have to, because pets don’t understand your words. You need to show them through your actions. I’m going to give him as much love as my fans have given me, for the rest of my life.”

“This photo shoot was more exciting and nerve-wrecking than any other I’ve been it,” he continued. The shoot also coincidentally took place on Il Woo’s birthday, so it made everything a little more meaningful.

Meanwhile, Jung Il Woo is currently preparing for his upcoming tvN drama, ‘Pretty Boys’ Ramen Shop‘, which airs its first episode on October 31st.