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The ladies of Jewelry recently dolled up in hanbok dresses to give their Chuseok greetings.

She said, “‘Superstar K’ made so many great memories for me. It’s because of the show that I’m a member of Jewelry today.”

‘Superstar K3? contestant Chris also previously featured in Jewelry’s album before joining the show. He’s known to be a friend of John Park‘s, and also one of the top 24 in ‘American Idol’. After crossing over to Korea last year, he’s dedicated his time to creating songs like TVXQ‘s ‘Rumor‘ and Jewelry’s ‘Back It Up‘, on top of training ZE:A.

Jewelry said, “Chris is a born musician.  He places the importance of feel in a song above all else.  He’s not scary and we have a lot of fun working with him, so we hope that he meets with great results on the show.”

Jewelry is currently receiving heavy training from Chris and other professionals for their next album. Jewelry S, their subunit with Semi and Yewon, will also be releasing a new single on September 20th.

Haeri added, “Our biggest concern was whether we should go with a radical change or adopt a performance style using dance moves. We were even more careful because of how long our hiatus was.  Although we listened to the advice of those around us, it basically boiled down to our roots. We decided to just go with what we’ve been doing all along.”

Minkyung continued, “I’m really happy because the response has been so positive, which debunked our concerns. There hasn’t been a major slump for Davichi in the three years we’ve been promoting, and so we feel lucky. This is an important time for us, so we’re going to focus on our roots and our songs.”

Haeri concluded, “I want people to regard Davichi as ‘singers who truly work hard.’  I really like the phrase, ‘Silent but deadly.’  I’m going to continue working to grow and mature in order to show an improved image.”