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Park Jaebeom was born on the 25th of April, 1987 and is most popularly known to be Jay Park. Jay Park is an American boy, dancer, singer, rapper, and at the same times an actor. He was a former member and the leader of the South Korean boyband 2PM and is a part of the Seattle based b-boy crew Art of Movement.

On the 18th June of 2010, Jay had arrived in Korea through Incheon International Airport where had received a warm welcome from thousands of fans that had marked history to have the biggest crowd ever since Seo Taiji had arrived at the said airport. His return became the biggest headline in the Korea for that day. “JayIsBack” had shot up immediately on al the trending topics of social networking site, Twitter on exactly 9:30 AM GMT.  His pictures in Hype Nation were released on 2nd of July and he was able to meet with the Korean media to conduct interviews for very first time where he talks about his current activities. He had also revealed that his single entitled, Demon will take a part in Hype Nation’s original soundtrack.

Sidus HQ had released the news on their official website that other American Dance Movie than Hype Nation 3D.  Jay Park was also going to be cast as one of the lead actors in the upcoming Korean movie titled, Happy Together. The said movie will be open in the cinema around the summer of 2011. Dryly, the film will feature an idol group who was forced to replace their lead singer with just an indie band member.

Jay had finally announced in his twitter (jaybumaom) that he will have his official solo comeback to Korean music scene as he is currently doing his Korean mini album. Jay was also chosen by the MusiqSoulChild and Ne-Yo to be the special guest for tour on their concerts in Seoul, Korea. He had performed a duet song “Love” alongside MusiqSoulChild on the same stage and he had also join Ne-Yo for a charity event before and had performed as an opener guests in the latter’s concert.

On the 6th of January, 2011, Jay Park has been announced to be the winner in Best Web Video category around the world because of his song titled, Nothing On You that was at the Mashable Awards. The said video had a special meaning to his fans who have been missing him because it was a sign for Jay Park’s comeback after he had been in hiatus for a few months.

On the 28th of March, 2011, Jay Park was said to be a finalist and had received the most voted in the special category “Connecting people award” which is a joint venture of Shorty Awards and Nokia for the singer’s great contribution in connecting some communities worldwide and to encourage them to make good works, deeds, charities and many other unexplainable things. He was said to be a good influence and idol to many people.