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Jay Park
Jay Park surprised his Filipino fans as he visited the Philippines for a series of performances, mall tours and album signing.  He started the event on May 4 in front of his fans at the Eastwood Mall Open Park in Manila. He continued with the tour and performed at the Venice Piazza in Taguig last May 5. He also performed in Lucky Chinatown on May 6.  
The mall tours showcased Jay Park’s talent as a singer and song writer.  The K-pop star poured out his soul as he performed some of his old and new songs.  Fans cheered and danced to beat of his new album called New Breed.  Jay Park feels grateful for the support and love of his Filipino fans.  He mentions that the Filipino fans showed great interest for his new album.  He also thanked them for their hospitality.
The New Breed album includes 15 tracks from hip hop, R&B, dance and more.  According to the K-pop star, now that he is on a solo career he has more freedom to experiment with his craft.  He is able to channel all his artistic talent through singing and song writing for his album. He now controls what goes into the album and who he collaborates with. In the New Breed album he worked with producer Rob Knox, Dynamic Duo, Cha Cha Malone, Dok2 and other artists. The songs vary from happy to sad tunes which makes the album very versatile. His favorite song from the album are Girlfriend, Know Your Name and I Got Your Back.
Jay Park
The album was released in February and hit the top list on the iTunes chart.  The album took the top spot in the iTunes charts in the US, Canada, France and Japan.  The album debuted at the 4th spot in the World Albums chart and landed a spot on the Billboard charts.
In another news, the K-pop singer was appointed as the honorary ambassador of the B-boy competition called “R-16 Korea 2012”.  The competition was sponsored by the Korea Tourism Organization.  Jay Park was chosen by the Korea Tourism Organization because he is a great b-boy dancer who is know a Hallyu star.  He suits the role as an ambassador who will promote the b-boy movement.
He also made a headline in the Korean media when his image was featured in an electronic billboard in Times Square.  The billboard mentioned that Jay Park will make make an appearance at the Times Square in New York.