Home » Jay PArk participated in “2011 Youth Smoking Prevention Campaign”

Jay Park, who has recently been involved in activities both as a singer and actor, has also decided to participate in the “2011 Youth Smoking Prevention Campaign,” which occurred on November 4th in Seoulat Oles Square.

Jay Park plans to travel throughout South Korea to hold street campaigns, in order to help promote the message of smoking prevention for the youth. Not only will he participate in street campaigns, but also in various other types of promotions.

When asked about the campaign, Jay Park stated, “I feel honored to be able to participate in a campaign that has such a huge influence in society. Rather than just a campaign figurehead, I want to go head and get involved actively to spread this message far.”

The group behind this campaign stated, “We want to make sure that everyone is able to hear and understand our message. For this, we believe that Jay Park’s lively and active image will be right for this.”

Meanwhile, Park Jaebum recently released the digital single “Girlfriend,” which is his comeback single as a singer after 7 months. Furthermore, he is also receiving attention for his role in the movie “Mr. Idol.”